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Vintage themed functionscrockery hire for high tea party

Whatever your function, lend it an air of elegance and sophistication by giving it a vintage theme.


Having a wedding where elegance and beautiful things are the order of the day will be made all the more memorable when the little girl's dreams of her big day finally come true and she gets to derss up beautifully and celebrate her marriage in elegant surroundings.

High Teas

A sophisticated pass time from days gone by which seems to be gaining in popularity especially with the long lazy South African summers. Dress up yourself and dress up your table with a beautiful vintage tea service and matching floral art and indulge yourself. We have a variety of
tea sets from which you can choose.


Being a modern person and on point with all the trends as they happen you weren't really able to experience fashion, décor and lifestyles of the day when you were born, now's the time to take a trip down what can't really be called memory lane until you've been there and created some memories of your own and set them in a bygone era.

Baby Showers

It is almost with a sense of nostalgia that one would plan a baby shower with a vintage theme. A more innocent time, a time when all was right with the world and everything looked pretty. In the same way planning a baby shower with all the trimmings in a vintage style will certainly be memorable.

Kitchen teas

A kitchen tea is really the last bit of fun a girl can go out and have before she gets married. Most women don't really want to hit the town and paint it red because they are getting married, often they want to spend some quality time with their friends before their new role as wife changes the way they can spend their time. A sumptuos spread, and tea served from a silver tea service is an elegant and refined way of saying goodbye to being single. You can however still celebrate and toast the bride to be with a glass of chmpagne in a beautifully styled vintage champagne glass.


Summer is a time for getting together, and it can be a rather sophisticated affair. A little imagination and some input from our team and you will have yourself a long, lazy Sunday lunch on the patio. Beatiful vintage crockery, matching serveware and elegant glasses and cutlery with a cool breeze blowing through the trees and and the floral arrangements on your table. You will have guests wanting to be invited back the next week.

Dinner Parties

Throw a lavish dinner party with all the trimmings and set your table with elegant vintage crockery and silverware. Ask your guests to dress in their best vintage finery and prepare yourself for an evening of entertainment.
If you were to host a murder mystery dinner you would do well to complete the scene with vintage decor and a meal served on vintage tableware.




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