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High Tea

Hark back to the chapter in Alice in Wonderlans where she comes upon the Mad Hatter and his guests having a tea-party. What started out as high tea, had degenerated into a rather absurd affair, but it was fun all the same.

If a somewhat crazy experience is not for you then go in the other direction and embrace the sophisticated side. Organise a high tea for a birthday or for a bachelorette party. Have everyone dress the part while you arrange for A Vintage Affair to help you select the tea service and the decor including flowers for your event.

A Vintage Affair have an impressive array of vintage cutrlery, crockery and tea sets, all selected to help make your high tea as authentic as possible. Whether you decide on a period as the theme for your function or opt for something more specific like the Mad Hatters Tea Party or a Jane Austen novel your high tea will be a standard setting occasion for the sheer delight of the setting.

Vintage table setting for a high tea

High Tea ideas

There are so many ideas that can make your high tea a memorable event. You have already upped the ante by having a vintage affair do your decor and settings, but what to serve? With the experience these ladies have gathered over time you can bet they have a few interesting and creative ideas for you.

You could also pair your offering with your theme. How about some French Flair, with mini eclairs and petit fours or macarons. There are literally millions of fillings to choose from for your dainty sandwiches, or if you want to keep the occasion particularly English and serve a tea fit for the Queen you can get a few pointers from television series like Downton Abbey or compliment your sweet treats with samplings of cheese, it seems one can pair certain cheeses with a variety of teas.



The Origins of High Tea

High tea it has been said has for ages been a misnomer. It is in fact the evening meal, or what most of the world call supper. Afternoon tea on the other hand is a late tea with sweet and savoury snacks or canapes. This practice was misnamed, but its popularity and the elevated status the name brought with it caused High Tea to become the name for the popular pass time that is still practiced today, especially in Europe and England.

Beautiful vintage table setting for a high tea celebration



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