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Hiring Vintage Tablewarecrockery hire for high tea party

We will gladly help you turn your function into a memorable occasion. You van hire all your crockery and table ware needs from A Vintage Affair.

Our collection of vintage tableware and accessories will lend an air of grace and sophistication to your table setting and the overall mood will be enhanced by our accessories. We make bunting in different fabric and colours according to the occasion and our floral arrangements will complete the picture.

Whether it's a high tea with the ladies or an elegant engagement dinner, you need only contact us to arrange a viewing of our collection and to trade ideas with us. The success of your gathering is very important to us.





Tea Sets

A high tea has an appeal of its own, with just the right amount of ceremony and a selection of eats to suit the occasion. You wouldn't go to a ball and not wear a gown, treat your tea the same way, dress it up in the best vintage finery you can find.

Cake Tiers

Make your cakes and eats the focal point of your tea. Give them prominence and pride of place on a tiered cake stand. Lovely to show off and easy to reach. After all you put just as much effort into the food as you did into your beautiful setting.

Plates and Servers

The appeal of your meal happens not only when cooking, but also when serving. Add character through-out your meal with vintage serve ware that is in keeping with the theme and spirit of the evening.

Dinner Accessories

As with a high tea you should give your dinner the attention it deserves. Boring glasses and fussy napkins should be put aside while you complete the picture. Add some vintage salt and pepper cellars.


A knife, contrary to what you may expect is not just a knife, neither is a fork or spoon just a fork or spoon. Styles have changed and cutlery with it, vintage cutlery will bring style right to your dinner table.

Candleholders and lighting

And as you start filling your table table with the perfect cutlery in the perfect setting, adding to the ambience will be the perfect lighting. Selected candle holders to match your vintage table setting will bring out the romance of a bygone era.

Decor Accessories

Special occasions need to be remembered as a whole, and transporting your guests to another time and place will certainly make it memorable. Complete the picture and get the mood just right by adding some beautiful floral art or some appropriate bunting. We will even help you with the setting up of your venue, so it can be just right.


Table linens have become a thing of the past in a lot of house holds, recapture the sophistication of a meal at a well laid table covered with exquisite linen and napiery.


Cutlery, serving trays and even tea sets, silverware reminds one of when things were done according to a particular standard and there was both the time and the desire to live up to these standards. A well shone silver tea service spoke of elegance, and attested to the grace of the hostess.


Vintage glassware is as much to be admired as it is to be used. Glasses for every different drink, all styled in a manner that bespoke their charm and of a certain vintage, a decadence long forgotten.

Candy buffet

A buffet to catch the eye of every child and probably more than just a few adults. A candy buffet is as it suggests; a doorway to another era.

Vintage vases

Delicate blooms need to be shown off to their advantage. Vintage vases have been created with the flower in mind, elegant roses and sweet blooms to bring romance to a sophisticated occasion.


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